'Al'lah Is Greater' Be Kind to Animal HTML version

Praise be to God, Provider of the worlds, and
communication with Al‘lah and peace are through the
master of creatures and messengers, who is sent as a mercy
for all the worlds:
How perfect the accuracy and the discipline of this universe
It moves within firm rules that never change or be
exchanged, and its movement is but purposeful,
cooperating, integral, and full of blessings.
A contemplation in this great universe for one time shows
you the miraculous making and creating which indicate the
perfection of God and His compassion and love for you,
creature! For the Maker can be known but by His making,
just as the electricity is known by its effects and the magnet
by its attraction.
By the existence, man can recognize the Provider of
existence, and when he knows Him, he will witness the
reality of this being "universe".