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Most respectfully dedicated at the Holy Feet of Most Revered Swami Paramanand Ji Yogiraj Matchless Grandsire of the Era...

Ahimsa is originally a term of Yogic-practice. When Ahimsa, truth (Satya), non-stealing (Asteya), celebacy (Brahmacharya) and state of possessionlessness (Aparigrah) all are imbibed properly, entry into the higher regions of Yog becomes possible. Dharna (power of retention) meditation (Dhyan) and (Samadhi) trance ultimate Realization (Kaivalya Gyan) become attainable through them. They are known as moral conduct or mental disposition (Sheel) and Atomism (Anubrat). They are the synonyms of Ahimsa. No Sadhana like Ahimsa exists separate from them.

Actually the messengers of the society floated this term ‘Ahimsa’ for injecting religious force to the idea of disarmament otherwise it is against our tradition. Since hoary past or the beginning of the civilization arms commanded an honourable place in our country. There is none among our gods or demons who is without any arm.

Indra, the king of gods, possessed the weapon of lightning, Varun, god of sea had Pash (trap), Yam, god of death, wielded baton, Lord Shiv moved with a trident; Brahma was adorned with a lethal power and Vishnu with invisible discuss-shaped missile. In the great war between gods and demons when the gods got defeated, the goddesses jumped into the battle-field and defeated demons. Not only gods, even demons (Rakshas belonging to the culture of Raksh) were not inferior in operating weapons. Their military inventions too were not lesser in number. For Example- regaining life even after they got beheaded. Shukracharya, who was their mentor, used to re-infuse life in the army which lay dead. The invention of Raktbeej was miraculous. The more the drops of blood of demon fell on the ground, the greater the number of demons used to get up. Even she-demons were skilled in operating weapons. She-demons like Tadaka totally ruined the most prosperous country named Karush, established by Indra. Dense forest grew up there.

Kings and rulers too created record by winning all the three worlds and came to be known as all-conquering emperors. They used to acquire military skill through Rajsuya Yagya and Ashwamedh Yagyas. Ashok, Samundragupt and Akbar are well-known historical kings who were all-victorious. Our ancestors used to reach up to the world of gods in quest of superior arms. Arjun had procured weapons from the world of gods. The same Arjun started trembling with fear after seeing the armies confronting each other, ready for the battle. He started praying Lord Krishna that he would not fight at all because it was sin to kill the family members. The Lord Krishna replied that if he did not fight, he would earn sin and would lose good reputation, name and fame. Arjun retorted that it would be better if the armed Kauravas killed him defenseless, he would prefer death to such a sinful life. A man without arms is indeed a dead man, a corpse. What would have been the fate of Arjun, had Duryodhan got him defence-less without arms. Everybody knows that he had plotted to finish the whole family of Arjun - alongwith Kunti, in Lakshagrih erected for burning the Pandavas to ashes.

Today out of the descendants of such heroic ancestors if a handful of them on account of their hot temper, turn out to be terrorists, people find it difficult to escape and save themselves.

Neither the Muslim rulers nor the Britishers nor the present governments have thrown the all conquering Indians to the present miserable plight; it is so because of the misleading interpretations of a part of a Shlok of the Geeta which says-

‘Chaturvarnyam Maya Srishtam’ and the social system laid down during the period of Pushyamitra Shung by the professors of Dharm on the basis of their material education. It is true that Varna is an inner orderly step of the spiritual evolution aimed at realizing the soul, which is available to each and everyone who is in human body. But unfortunately the social legislators interpreted Varna as caste and divided human beings in four principal castes on the basis of their birth compelling them to earn their livelihood, according to the calling of their castes. They declared it to be their religion and forced them on the strength of the royal military to perpetuate the system and termed the life and death of the creatures of God as Himsa (violence) and Ahimsa (non-violence) turning people methodically into cowards who were out of wits and terrified.

All the castes were dissatisfied with the system of professional reservations and the concept of Himsa and Ahimsa, so the legislators of the society planned to hammer the idea of disarmament so that the disgruntled castes might not raise up arms against them, so that the Shudras who belonged to the lowest caste meant for menial service of the persons of higher castes might not become Vident under any condition. They were trained to believe that they were not meant to revolt when some one looted them. If they flouted this rule they were destined to go to hell. But Brahmins were allowed to raise up arms if someone grabbed their things which they got in donation. Vaishyas too could take up arms if any cow was in trouble. Kshatriya alone were allowed to raise up arms. Out of one hundred persons only seven happened to belong to the caste of Kshatriya and the number seven included women, children and old persons. If the invaders captured two of three such persons, all the remaining people could easily be enslaved and rounded up like sheep and goat.

The cunning social organizers imposed strict restrictions on general education in order to perpetuate the exploitation. They laid down canons that only Brahmins could receive education and only they could impart it. The Mahabharat, our representative cultural book and the Geeta which is the holiest of all the holy books emphasizing the essential unity were banned for general reading and even for keeping in the homes of common people. New Smriti Granthas (books) were prepared and they were declared as Dharm Shastras (scriptures).

It was compulsory in our culture to get proper training for operating weapons. When the devilish forces like Ravan got upper hand in the society they used to create hurdles in performing Bhajan (worship). They imposed the system of eat, drink and be merry. The saints and Mahatmas, on failing to convince and convert the mind of such terrorists, used to train the kings and rulers of those days for eliminating the persons of devilish nature. They made the modes and methods of self-realization available to all and sundry. Thus we see that wars and battles are not opposed to Ahimsa they rather restored it and resolved the problems. People would always have to be ready and prepared for them.

Intensive training for the operation of weapons is indispensable for the self-defence and the protection of Religion and culture.

The terrorists never fall short of weapons. Disarmament even today is regarded to be meant for simple and peace-loving people only. Only they plead for disarmament who have stored in their armoury enough weapons and do not want that their monopoly is disturbed. This is the main cause of the unrest.

Mutual cooperation, kindness, brotherhood, tolerance, sympathy are most needed for leading a happy social life but they do not cover Ahimsa.

Now we should examine how and in what way Ahimsa has been dealt with by our ancestors.

- Swami Adgadanand