Ahimsa (Non-Violence) – In View of Indian Sages HTML version

Most respectfully dedicated at the Holy Feet of Most Revered Swami
Paramanand Ji Yogiraj Matchless Grandsire of the Era...
Ahimsa is originally a term of Yogic-practice. When Ahimsa, truth (Satya), non-
stealing (Asteya), celebacy (Brahmacharya) and state of possessionlessness
(Aparigrah) all are imbibed properly, entry into the higher regions of Yog
becomes possible. Dharna (power of retention) meditation (Dhyan) and (Samadhi)
trance ultimate Realization (Kaivalya Gyan) become attainable through them.
They are known as moral conduct or mental disposition (Sheel) and Atomism
(Anubrat). They are the synonyms of Ahimsa. No Sadhana like Ahimsa exists
separate from them.
Actually the messengers of the society floated this term ‘Ahimsa’ for injecting
religious force to the idea of disarmament otherwise it is against our tradition.
Since hoary past or the beginning of the civilization arms commanded an
honourable place in our country. There is none among our gods or demons who is
without any arm.
Indra, the king of gods, possessed the weapon of lightning, Varun, god of sea had
Pash (trap), Yam, god of death, wielded baton, Lord Shiv moved with a trident;
Brahma was adorned with a lethal power and Vishnu with invisible discuss-
shaped missile. In the great war between gods and demons when the gods got
defeated, the goddesses jumped into the battle-field and defeated demons. Not
only gods, even demons (Rakshas belonging to the culture of Raksh) were not
inferior in operating weapons. Their military inventions too were not lesser in
number. For Example- regaining life even after they got beheaded. Shukracharya,
who was their mentor, used to re-infuse life in the army which lay dead. The
invention of Raktbeej was miraculous. The more the drops of blood of demon fell
on the ground, the greater the number of demons used to get up. Even she-demons
were skilled in operating weapons. She-demons like Tadaka totally ruined the
most prosperous country named Karush, established by Indra. Dense forest grew
up there.
Kings and rulers too created record by winning all the three worlds and came to
be known as all-conquering emperors. They used to acquire military skill through