Agatha Webb


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When Agatha Webb and her servant are found murdered, the task of solving the mystery begins at once, and suspicion points to multiple people.

Nino Cerrutti

A little too much detail but a pretty good read in general.

Dinees Ponton

This book was very good. The author did a great job on character development. Lots of interesting twists and turns.

esmeralda sampson

Really enjoyed this book, with "ye olde English and all". Good read.

Alan Brierley

A good read, keeps you guessing to the end.

Diane Dirksen

It was certainly different and kept you reading to the end


Well written great plot


The book is ok, nothing spectacular... A good read if you are bored :)


A little drawn out at some points but overall a very well written book. I like the old English wording. I wish people still spoke that way. It seems much more intelligent than what the English language has become.


Slow start, but just what I had been looking for. Writing was pretty good, a little tedious at times, but that's to be expected for books written for that time period. Satisfied, ahhhhhhhhh.


It was brilliant! Enjoyed it. Just the kind of read I was looking for.

Robyn Lee Sanders

I greatly enjoy the prose. the language choices...wonderful!


Thought this one was quite good, nice twist at the end

Grace Warren

Old language not withstanding, this is a marvelous story. I highly recommend this book. The author has a fantastuc way of weaving all events and characters to the delight of the reader. Obviously, peoples reactions to events have been defined by a female of her own era. I cannot picture MEN swooning!

Sandie McGarry

A good read, a bit meandering in places but still enjoyable.

Mrs E Berridge

Really enjoyed this book. The twists and turns of the story kept me riveted, I found it difficult to put down. The ending confused me though as to where the sailors came from who had heard the final words of Batsy? There was no real lead up to Sweetwater finding them.

Jennifer Sargent

great read, could not get enough!

Jack Sullivan

I thought the events were highly improbable but if you "suspend disbelief" it can be enjoyed for the story and insights into the time period.

Lynn MacDonald

too slow to get into

mp fdos

The book is well written. It is well paced and caught my attention from the beginning. I wanted an easy reading and this book was perfect for it. As Sammy Das, I also kept turning the pages until the end. The solution to the mystery is the only part I am not happy with. I did not like it at all. I felt it was a little disappointing; it was too "easy" and I think it is not as good as the rest of the book.

RuthAnne Isbell

Very weighty in style and verse. Took a long time coming to the point because of it. All said, very good. Some annoyances, of course is NOT of coarse. Clew is an odd spelling, but if you can get past this, it is one of the better offerings.

nellie domenick

Like this style,

Sammy Das

Interesting book that keeps you turning the pages until the end.

Alta de Lange

Could not put it down


Great book. Loved reading it.


Brilliant - Thank you X

Blayne Smith

Wasen't very happy with this story, seemed to take forever for things to happen. Seemed to drag on.


Too long....boring length....ending no surprise.


was a outstanding mystery with twist and turns.


I am currently enjoying reading this book


Enjoyed reading this book and it was very easy to get into the story.

Sharon Andrews

This one I literally could not put down. Plot twists kept me guessing and although she gives the clues all the way through the book, you really can't predict "who done it". This is the writer that inspired Agatha Christie.

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