Agartha's Castaway HTML version

My two fantastic children, Faith and Matthew. I love you.
My dad.
My sister, Sarah, and my brother, Joel.
For: anyone who dares to imagine…
This is dedicated to my wonderful God and Jesus - There’s no without you…(not a typo
but my own personal expression)
* * *
A special thanks to friend and talented author, Jayde Scott. All of your fantastic efforts
helped immensely to make this book complete. I couldn’t have done it without you. You truly
are my precious gem.
Another special thanks to my talented editor, Autumn J. Conley. You rock!
And of course, my „bestest’ friend, children’s author: Patricia Puddle.
Book Trailer for the series:
Episode 1
“Vanquish fear and panic. Value living. Remember your goal: getting out alive."
–U.S. Army Ranger Handbook