Agartha's Castaway - Book 7 HTML version

“I see it—over there by the polar bears I think.”
The beast’s jaws stretched open, letting out an unearthly roar. Casey blinked, snapping from
her trance. She took a deep breath, steadying her gun, and fired three times. Red beams of light
bounced off the wolf-like creature’s head. There was another shot, followed by two more. The
wolf flinched and yelped, but it didn’t collapse. Casey’s knees wobbled, her breath coming in
ragged rasps. “Why isn’t this working?”
She took aim again and fired, striking the creature in the chest. Somewhere behind, Mike
and Jack joined in. The wolf snapped its head back, a piercing howl turning into a wail. Taking
slow, measured steps, it crept toward her, its claws clicking against the glass floor.
“It’s not going down!” yelled Jack. “We have to get to the exit!”
Casey’s knees continued to wobble, threatening to give out any minute. Her heart was
beating so fast she thought she might faint. Their weapons were useless on stun, but nobody had
shown them how to turn up the power. All she wanted to do was get out of that cafeteria. They’d
come too far to let some overgrown wolf eat them up and ruin the mission. It wasn’t the first
creature she’d faced, though, and if she could survive a T-rex, surely she could somehow outwit
this thing.
As the wolf approached, it curled its upper lip and growled, flashing white. In a split second,
the creature’s eyes changed to green.
Mike’s voice pierced the air. “Did you see that?”
She did, and it was beyond freaky. It reminded Casey of the color-changing water back at
the beach. “Split up. Mike, you distract it. Jack, find some weapons in the kitchen. I’ll get to the
door and find Thorn.”
The wolf snapped its head forward. Casey jumped back, then spun and leapt on top of a
cafeteria table. Jack and Mike took off to the left and right. She sprinted for the door in the
distance, running across the rectangular tabletops, her heart thumping in her chest. The
adrenaline kept her moving, running as fast as she could from the wolf that was in hot pursuit of
her. She dared a glimpse back and winced at the saliva dripping from the animal’s fangs. Judging
from its growling, it wasn’t keen on losing its meal. She had no idea how the bizarre creature got
inside the spaceship unless it was something the aliens bred with their crude experiments. Her
breath caught in her throat, and she almost tripped over her own feet. Even scarier was the
thought that where there was one, there could be many more.
Mike let out a long whistle and then yelled, “Hey, wolf. Over here! My, what big teeth you
have. The better to eat me with, right?”
She noticed Mike waving from the corner of her eye. With a loud snarl, the wolf turned and
headed toward him. “Mike, no!” she hollered.
“I’ll distract it,” he called out. “Don’t worry about me.”
“No way!”
“Keep going!” he shouted. “Finding the exit is the best shot we have.”
She didn’t know how she was supposed to stay focused with that thing going after Mike.
She needed to help Mike, but first she had to find a way out. It was their only hope. From what
she remembered, the exit couldn’t be far away. Casey jumped from the table and started patting
the wall. “Where the heck is it?”
Across the room, Jack yelled. Casey spun around and gasped as the wolf sa nk its fangs into
his backpack. Mike bounded over and slammed his foot into the monster’s side. Jack tried to
slide out of his backpack, but the wolf lifted him off the ground with its powerful jaws and shook
him like a ragdoll. Casey stiffened, her pulse spiking. She couldn’t let the thing hurt Jack or