Agartha's Castaway - Book 6 HTML version

couldn't have done it without you!
My brilliant editor, Autumn J. Conley.
Chapter 1
The ship pulled inside the docking bay of the massive mothership, as though they were tiny
krill being sucked into a whale's mouth. Once that happened, those poor little shrimp- like
creatures were as good as goners. Casey had to wonder if her fate would be the same. Gazing out
the window, a scream froze in Casey's throat. The seconds trickled by slowly.
She gulped, and a shudder ran through her body as they glided to a stop in front of the
landing platform. Am I actually inside an alien vessel? It all seemed so crazy, so farfetched, yet
there she was. Rows and rows of shiny disks, about fifty feet in diameter and fifteen feet high,
lined the giant hangar. Clearly, they could visit Earth, do recon, or defend the mothership with
Soldiers in black uniforms and helmets scrambled over. She bet there had to be several
thousand troops aboard. She began to wonder how they could possibly carry out their mission
without being discovered.
Thorn tugged at her sleeve and hissed, “Over here.”
She crawled over to Mike, shut her eyes, and spoke a quick prayer. Thor n touched a button
beside the hatch, and a door in the metallic floor opened without so much as a sound. Talk about
high-tech stuff! Her stomach fluttered as they all slid out of the craft. She was extra careful not to
make any sounds, especially with her boots.
Remember, no talking. Thorn's voice rolled across her mind. She didn't need to be told
twice. Crouching down, they waited silently underneath the ship. Two rebels stood less than ten
feet away. Casey craned her neck, but from where she hid, only their uniform-clad legs were
visible. She shivered and whipped out her gun, her nerves running into overdrive.
The hard click-clack of footsteps moved toward her. She placed her finger on the trigger as
her heart started to pound, drowning out the rest of the noise.
She still wondered how she'd ended up in such an odd predicament. The gun in her hands
made her nervous. She forced her legs into action, trying to scoot back into the shadows, but her
feet wouldn't budge. Shiny black boots stopped in front of them. She held her breath, hoping her
racing heart wasn't going to give away her presence like that Edgar Allan Poe story she'd read in
literature class.
Thorn tapped their shoulders to get their attention and then pointed to himself and toward
the ramp. Casey nodded and grabbed Mike's arm just in case he didn't get Thorn's message to
stay put. There was a short nod, and then Thorn crept to the other side of the ship, disappearing
from sight.
Her stomach lurched. How could Thorn just leave us like that?
“The ship's definitely a model manufactured by our race,” a soldier said, walking away.
An injection was definitely worth the tiny bit of burning she had to endure to understand
their language.
“Where are the pilots?” a voice crackled over a radio.