Agartha's Castaway - Book 3 HTML version

Anxiously, Casey brushed away the ferns, leaves, and vines, stepping over fallen logs—ever
alert for signs of danger—when she emerged into a large meadow with tall grass that was
desperately in need of a mow. The chorus of crickets hummed all around her. Something buzzed
past her ear and she flinched. Hopefully, it was only a fly or a bee. Sunflowers in full bloom,
standing on dark green six- foot stalks, painted the rolling field in front of her. A sweet fragrance,
like candy or sugar, blew all around her. Casey let out a gasp as she walked through the sea of
giant yellow and orange blossoms.
Wow! I’ve got to capture this on canvas. I’ll use subdued hues to bring out the rich vibrant
colors of the sunflower heads. Two different tones of green will capture the leaves and stems
perfect. And the golden highlights from the sunshine will be just fabulous. Casey smacked her
forehead. It was time to bottle up the artist inside of her because she needed to stay on guard in
this freaky place. Something scared those birds…
Jack took a few steps before abruptly stopping. “There's no giant trees here for protection.
We've got the stalks, but still, we're out in the open—easy prey for a giant pterosaurs. I don't
like this one bit.”
Now he was talking her language. He was just as scared of a predator as she was. “Too bad
this field doesn't have a giant scarecrow to scare it away.”
Jack laughed as a breeze ruffled his hair. “Yeah, tell me about it.”
“You two are worried about a giant lizard bird plucking us up from the sky?” asked Mike.
“I'm more worried about a pack of velociraptors attacking us in this tall grass. You saw Jurassic
Park 2, right?” He paused. “Remember that one line? „Don't go into the long grass'?”
Casey gave his arm a yank. “We have to keep following the river, so we have no choice but
to cut through this overgrown meadow. The faster we walk, the faster we'll get to the other side.”
“She's right,” said Jack, pushing aside hairy stalks.
Mike sighed. “I'm just trying to warn you guys the same way that hunter from India tried to
warn the other hunters. But no, they refused to listen, just like you two. And what happened to
them? They were eaten by ferocious raptors.”
Casey tried to put on a brave smile and pretend like his words didn't bother her one tiny bit,
but movie or not, Mike brought up a good point. On this island, anything was possible, and they
had to stay on their guard. “Just keep your eyes peeled, okay, Mike? We all will.” He nodded,
and she briskly walked ahead, the wet grass soaking her shoes and ankles.