Agartha's Castaway - Book 3 HTML version

Jayde Scott. Thank you for reading this entire manuscript from start to finish. You're the best
critting partner ever! Your advice, ideas, and suggestions were nothing short of amazing. I
couldn't have done it without you!
My brilliant editor, Autumn J. Conley.
Chapter 1
It was a long night, but morning had finally arrived. Jack boiled water and they dined on ripe
berries before continuing their journey toward the glass city. Not much of a breakfast, but it sure
stopped her grumbling stomach.
Casey, Mike, and Jack moved fast through the thicket, still aiming for the city in the
distance, but they limited their noise to the inevitable thuds of their feet. The roar of rushing
water filled Casey's ears as they followed the river. Eventually, they reached a large, thick tree
filled with squawking tropical birds. Casey inched closer to get a better look, crushing a few
twigs under her shoes. Most of the birds had red feathers, but Casey caught glimpses of orange,
green, and blue as well.
She covered her head and ducked, startled by the swooping birds. In a rainbow of color and
a choir of agitated chirps and squawks, they flew past her and rose into the sky like a giant red
cloud. The rush of air from their beating wings caressed her cheeks. The shock from the dinosaur
attack yesterday was still vivid in her memory, but she couldn't help smiling as feathers floated
down and landed on her.
Mike also ducked as the last stragglers rushed past them. “Whoa!”
“We spooked them,” said Casey.
Jack shifted his weight as he glanced around. “No, I've seen this in the rainforest when a
predator approaches.”
Predator? She groaned and punched his shoulder. Does he have to be so calm and scientific
about it? He should have been paralyzed with fear or breaking down in hysterics, because it was
likely that predators in that place were not the typical lions-and-tigers-and-bears-oh- my! types of
predators. She shuddered and let her gaze wander over the area, searching for hiding places. Now