After the Facts: An after Coffman Mystery


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The town of Hustle has a new private eye, and his name is After Coffman. His first case, and After is finding it anything but business as usual. He has no client, no money, and too many suspects. In line for After's scalp are drug lords, gun runners, and the Hustle Homicide Department. Each wants a piece of him, but After's greatest foe may be an old black cat named Soot. Download this FREE e-Book today!


At last a book well-written, good plot, good grammar. Hope there are more to come. I really enjoyed it.


This book is worth reading for sure. Yes, it starts a bit slow, but the plot thickens and it ends up proving to be a good read. I tried to no avail to find information on the author, Vincent Lutterbie. If anyone has information on this author, please post it here. From the feel of this book, though, I have a sneaky suspicion that the author is actually female. Enjoy...


AMAZING! i totally forgot where i got the book from, and now here i am, looking at this page. well done good sir, your book was a moving read. entertaining to the end :)


I found this a hard book to read initially. But I continued reading to see if it got any better. I am glad I did as it progressed into a book that I had trouble putting down. The characters & twists & turns of the story made it an enjoyable book to read. I recommend that this is a book not to be missed.


A good read. Enjoyed the character and look forward to more After Coffman.


Loved this book, had trouble putting it down. Hope there will be more to come.

Jan Groenendijk

Liked the characters and story line very much. Hope there will be more to follow.

Gary Butler

Superb first novel! Beautifully written page turner. Vincent should consider exchanging the drill for the pen!-) Loved it!!

jean brown

Never sure which book to pick, as I have the standard membershipand never heard of the author, but this book was funny and a quick delightful read! Very surprised!

Joellen Steffen

fun character and story.


really enjoyed this book


The book is awesome!! I really enjoyed reading it. It has action, humour and is well written. Well done, please keep writing as I love your style. You should also try to sell this book!!

glenn mcgregor

get this book to amazon and make money on it. this book is excellent and can't wait for next one. you really need to submit this to amazon.

Delenia Hayes

Took a little while to get into the book, but once I started I wanted to finish as soon as possible. Very good with the humor and held my interest until the end.

Linda Fardoe

A good read. I enjoyed the authors sense of humour. A few red herrings thrown in to keep you on your toes!

Yamini MacLean

took a gamble on this one and loved it After all. Total nonsense, but After all that fun, who cares? Will there be another book After? (Do you get what I'm After....?!) Well done VML.

Rob Trickett

an excellent, compelling book


Very good,liked the humor while keeping me on the case

carmine todisco

Great first book.has potential as a movie.

Owolabi L. O

I hate narratives! Almost put the book down as the narration was in the 1st person. Well, turned out to be the only narrative I ever loved!

Sue Noe

Wonderful little read. Wishing for more in the series. Good question by Harry Nielsen, the 2 MIL? Hopefully Mr. Lutterbie will answer that question in the next book.

Jennifer Ramey

This was a very good book, had me very intrigued. Can't wait to read more books.

Lauren Branning

Although the beginning was slow, the many events leading to the end kept both After and me interested in the case. Great sense of humor and I can't wait till the next!

rich johnson

Vincent I'm waiting for book 2 !


Good storyline, good read.


I really enjoyed this story. Although it is short it does keep you thinking the whole time. I really hope to see more After Coffman adventures in the future.

Mike Fairgray

This a very well written book which keeps you reading. Hope to see more of After Coffman mysteries

Harry Nielsen

excellent... but what happened to the 2 million?


Awesome book. I really enjoyed. Funny and lots of twists. Read in 1 day because I could not put down

betty lang

I really fell in love with After and i hope you are working on an other book.Keep up the good work. Betty

Hank Greve

This was a fun book to read. I love the main character and his housemates. Great read!

Jennifer Sargent

great first novel! keep up great work

Meg Sperring

Loved this book! A real page turner and well plotted. Thanks!

Graham Chapman

I quite enjoyed this book. The hero seems at times to be entirely too lucky, so the plot is a bit over-managed, but it is quite nice to read, and the author manages the level of tension quite well. I would certainly read more After Coffman stories.


Love the book...start writing more....super job

Charlie Rogers

Areally great story;couldn`t put it down.

Nancy Conner

very intriguing mystery. I liked the actions of the cat.

K Minke

Needs some editing but an entertaining story.


Great book, fun to read. I would love to read more.


Great book. I really enjoyed reading it and thought the After was a great character. I hope to read more books with him.

Sonja L Fava

A very enjoyable book. Nice work, Doctor !!!!!!!

Donna Darner

Unique without having to add a bunch of profanity or gore.


Really great book, full of adventure, intrigue and excitment.

Alta de Lange

Very intriguing and exciting. Hope he writes more soon

jean veitch

GREAT BOOK Keep up the great work, hoping you will have another one.

L Fleming

Very good for a first book.

RuthAnne Isbell

Could use a good editor, but this is a funny and exciting read. After Coffman is an endearing hero, hope to see more of him :)


I really like this book. It's full of adventure, excitement, and it's funny. Great book.

Raymond Camilleri

A very intriguing story that keeps the reader's attention focused.

nellie domenick

okay, but did keep my interest


Vincent M. Lutterbie

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