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Affirmations – Using Affirmations for Success
Why Make An Affirmation?
Personal Goals
Positive affirmations are made because you want to achieve something. That
may be more money, a new car, a bigger house, a better job, more success, or,
on a more personal level, love, health, happiness or peace. We all have such
desires – we would be strange if we didn’t. But these outcomes can sometimes
seem so far beyond our grasp that we do not really dare to think that they
could be ours for the asking. Instead, we focus on how far away from our
desired outcomes we are, and negative affirmations become our mantra.
? We desire to be wealthy, so we think: I’m never going to be rich.
? We want that promotion, so we think: It’s bound to go to someone else.
? We want love in our life, so we think: No one’s going to love me.
We are thinking about the things we want, but from a negative perspective. If
this is true, then there should be no doubt as to why it is a good idea to flip the
coin and start talking positively. It is not as though we are being forced to start
doing something we aren’t doing already, or that is in any way laborious. How
much effort does it take to say one sentence to yourself? And wouldn’t it be
nice to speak to yourself in positive terms for a change?
Be Careful What You Wish For …
You will doubtless have heard this saying in the past. In full, it says: “Be
careful what you wish for; you may just get it.”
This may appear an odd saying, because who in their right mind would wish
for negative things to happen? Unfortunately, too many of us are thinking
negative thoughts every day. Look at the examples above – how it is so easy
to have a positive desire that is expressed in a negative way. Take the example
of your desire for a promotion. Instead of repeating to yourself: “The
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