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Affirmations – Using Affirmations for Success
Cosmic Affirmations
You should already understand very well how affirmations can be used to
improve the quality of your thoughts at a personal level. It is not difficult to
grasp how a positive attitude can create a more attractive and amenable
personality, so that other people respond more positively in return.
However, there is another aspect to affirmations, and that is how positive
thoughts are transmitted to the universe. This is an area that requires a leap of
faith, although there is also sound evidence for believing that such a form of
communication is possible.
Firstly, let’s look at what this deals with. The suggestion here is that we are a
minuscule part of a cosmic whole. That cosmic whole is the creator of
everything in the universe and it goes by various names. Some obviously refer
to it as God or the Divine; others who are not religious call it the Universal
Mind, Universal Consciousness, or Cosmic Power. As we are a part of it, so
our thoughts are connected with it, and we can therefore communicate our
thoughts and desires to it. As it is the ultimate creator of everything in
existence, and continues to be so, it is thus able to reply to our desires and
create the exact circumstances in our lives that we have requested. However,
just like our own minds, the Universal Mind is an order-taker and so we have
to be extremely careful what we ask for, i.e. think of.
It is not unusual for people to balk at this idea. We look in the mirror and see a
separate entity, connected to nothing else around us in physical terms other
than the ground we stand on. Our border is defined by our skin, and it is
therefore easy to doubt a connection to anything outside ourselves. However,
your cell phone is also a separate entity, yet you do not deny its ability to
connect you with another person on the other side of the world with no wires
involved. Why then is it such a leap to suppose there is a form of
communication that might allow our thoughts to be sent half way around the
world, and to all parts of the world?
There is certainly plenty of anecdotal evidence of telepathic abilities in
humans, and many laboratory tests have proven that information can be
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