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Affirmations – Using Affirmations for Success
How to Make Affirmations
Remember that affirmations program the mind as you would program your
computer. In the computing world there is an acronym: GIGO. It stands for:
Garbage In, Garbage Out. This means that your computer can and will only
respond to what is input into its system. If your machine is running cleanly,
then you download and install a program and your computer crashes, it’s
likely that the program had a virus. If you put garbage into a computer, you
can expect to get garbage out.
Be Genuinely Positive
It is the same with the human mind. You cannot consistently program your
mind with negativity and expect that good things will be the result. When you
approach the affirmations process, you must make certain that you do so with
a positive frame of mind. Making successful affirmations is far more than
speaking a few words in a set order. You may speak ten different affirmations
each morning and evening, but if you don’t really believe that the whole
affirmation process can work, you will most likely follow each one with a
negative thought or comment that screws up all your good work. For example:
You affirm: “I am a happy and successful person.”
You think: Yeah, buddy, in your dreams.
You affirm: “I am a wealthy individual.”
You think: Sure, once I win the lottery.
You affirm: “My mind is at peace with the world.”
You think: When I’m half-cut perhaps.
You get the idea. Making positive affirmations is not enough. You must
believe them to be true to the exclusion of any and all counterproductive
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