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Affiliate Marketing: The Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Way to Start an Internet Business
Cheap Sources of Site Content
Because we want to leave the selling job up to the merchant, an affiliate’s job is to
‘pre-sell’ their merchants’ products.
To pre-sell, you need site content.
Content consists of articles and endorsements that explains how your visitors
problems can be solved by using the products you promote. In most cases,
webmasters write their own endorsements for the products they promote.
However, if you aren’t inclined to write product endorsements, you can:
Find Free Content
Use Merchants’ Ad Copy
Pay for Content
I like looking for free content first.
Staying with our ‘insurance’ topic, I searched Google for the terms “Free Articles”+
“Insurance” and found the following articles listed at
“How to Save on Title Insurance Costs”
“Understanding the Terms of Your New Loan”
“Common Sense Mortgage Tips!”
In many cases, the author will allow you to use his work on your site if you include
credit to the author and a link back to his site.
This is even MORE effective when the author has an affiliate program and you can
make money from that link.
To get approval to use the article, you’d simply email the author a request, and
they will usually be very happy to have you use their articles on your site.
Another way to get free content is to use what the merchant makes available to
their affiliates.
For example, here is an email promotion that Corey Rudl gives his affiliates to
promote his very popular ‘Insiders Secrets to Internet Marketing’ course.
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