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Affiliate Marketing: The Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Way to Start an Internet Business
6 Steps to Quick-Start Your Affiliate Business
In this section I discuss the 6 steps you will take to quickly, easily and
inexpensively get started in your affiliate marketing business.
Quickly & Easily find High Demand Topics
The topic you choose should both interest you and have high consumer demand.
You already know what interests you, but how do you find out whether a topic has
high demand?
Well, the first place I check is a free tool call the Overture Search Term
Suggestion Tool. It is located at:
At Overture Search Term Suggestion tool, you simply enter a term related to your site
and it will show you:
Related searches that include your term
How many times that term was searched in the previous month
So, let’s assume for a moment that you are a mortgage and insurance broker
who suspects that insurance might be a good service to sell online.
To find out how many people are looking for insurance online, I typed in the word
‘insurance’ and discovered that the keyword ‘insurance’ had been searched for
971,914 times at Overture and its search partners in just one month!
That’s almost a million people! Wow!
As I consider any term that receives 50,000 or more searches in a month a subject
with good demand and potentially viable, insurance looks like it might just be a
winning topic for an affiliate web site.
Find High-Profit Potential Products & Services
Once you’ve determined that your topic is in high demand, you need to find out
now is whether there are merchants selling related products and services online,
AND how much commission they pay.
For that, I go first to Commission Junction.
Commission Junction is an ‘affiliate network’ that puts merchants and affiliates
together. They refer to merchants as ‘advertisers’ and the affiliates are called
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