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Affiliate Marketing: The Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Way to Start an Internet Business
The quickest way to build a website is to buy a template. Here is a list of some of
the best template sites I’ve found to date:
My personal favorite is You can download as many templates as you
want from Boxed Art, all for only $49.96 for six months access.
Once you’ve placed your content in your template and sent it to your web host, it’s
time to join affiliate programs.
Sign-Up for Affiliate Programs
Go back to Commission Junction or the site where you found products you want to
promote and sign up for the merchants’ affiliate programs.
The reason you build your site before joining the programs, is to have a site
to show the merchant. This demonstrates that you are indeed serious about selling
their product, and will almost guarantee your acceptance into their program.
Get Oodles of Traffic Today!
After placing merchant links on your site, it’s time to let the world know about your
Although I discuss ‘29 Ways to Market Your Site’ in the Super Affiliate
Handbook, my favorite way to bring visitors to my sites is by using cheap Pay-
Per-Click search engine advertising.
The primary benefit of PPC’s is that you can drive targeted traffic to your
site quickly, instead of waiting months for the search engines to list your site… if
they ever do.
Just a few of these include:
Pay-per-clicks allow you to bid on terms or keywords that are relevant to your site.
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