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Affiliate Marketing: The Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Way to Start an Internet Business
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As you can see, that copy is written in the first-person, so it looks like it is coming
directly from you. Use merchant copy judiciously however, as your credibility will
take a beating if your subscribers and visitors have seen the exact same copy in
other newsletters and on other affiliate sites.
Lastly, you can have articles written for you, sometimes very inexpensively.
To find ghost writers on the ‘net, check out some of these sites:
Once you have organized your content, it’s time to start putting you’re your site
The Fastest Way to Build Your WebSite
There are 3 steps to quickly build your website. They are:
1. Register a Domain
2. Domain Hosting
3. Buy Template
Domain registration is painless, and CHEAP. Go to where it will
cost you 8.95/year for each domain. You can get them even cheaper when you
register for more than one year.
Here are two good, yet inexpensive, hosting services that I recommend. - $8.95/mo.
HostRocket - $9.95/mo.
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