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asked me to breakfast at the Embassy. He was at the masked ball last night and was very
nice. He reminds me exactly of Disraeli in appearance. It is awfully hot here and a Fair
for charity has asked me to put my name in "Gallegher" to have it raffled for. "Dear"
Bonsal arrives here next Sunday, so I am in great anticipation. I am very well, tell
mother, and amused. Lots of love.
PARIS, June 13, 1893.
There is nothing much to say except that things still go on. I feel like one of those little
India rubber balls in the jet of a fountain being turned and twisted and not allowed to rest.
Today I have been to hear Yvette Guilbert rehearse and thought her all Chas thinks her
only her songs this season are beneath the morals of a medical student. It is very hot and
it is getting hotter. I had an amusing time at the Grand Prix where Tina won a lot of
money on a tip I gave her which I did not back myself. In the evening Newton took me to
dinner and to the Jardin de Paris where they had 10 franc admittance and where every
thing went that wasn't nailed. The dudes put candles on their high hats and the girls
snuffed them out with kicks and at one time the crowd mobbed the band stand and then
the stage and played on all the instruments. The men were all swells in evening dress and
the women in beautiful ball dresses and it was a wonderful sight. It only happens once a
year like the Yale-Princeton night at Koster and Bials except that the women are all very
fine indeed. They rode pig-a-back races and sang all the songs. I had dinner with John
Drew last night. I occasionally sleep and if Nora doesn't come on time I shall be a
skeleton and have no money left. As a matter of fact I am fatter than ever and can eat all
sorts of impossible things here that I could never eat at home. I lunch every day with the
Eustises and we dine out almost every night. I consort entirely with the poorest of art
students or the noblest of princesses and so far have kept out of mischief, but you can
never tell for this is a wicked city they say, or it strikes me as most amusing at present
only I cannot see what Harper and Bros. are going to get out of it. I said that of London
so I suppose it will all straighten out by the time I get back.