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With Cust properly elected, Richard and I returned to the Albany and settled down to
enjoy London from many angles. Although my brother had been there but a few weeks,
his acquaintances among the statesmen, artists, social celebrities, and the prominent
actors of the day was quite as extraordinary as his geographical and historical knowledge
of the city. We gave many jolly parties, and on account of Richard's quickly acquired
popularity were constantly being invited to dinners, dances, and less formal but most
amusing Bohemian supper-parties. During these days there was little opportunity for my
brother to do much writing, but he was very busy making mental notes not only for his
coming book on the English people, but for a number of short stories which he wrote
afterward in less strenuous times. We returned to New York in August, and Richard went
to Marion to rest from his social activities, and to work on his English articles.