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This heat--humid and moist--would sweat water out of a chilled steel safe; so imagine
what it does to me with all the awful winter's accumulation of fat. I hate to say it, but I
LIKE these Mexicans--much better than Cubans, or Central Americans. They are human,
kindly; it is only the politicians and bandits like Villa who give them a bad name. But,
though they ought to hate us, whenever I stop to ask my way they invite me to come in
and have "coffee" and say, "My house is yours, senor," which certainly is kind after
people have taken your town away from you and given you another flag and knocked
your head off if you did not salute it. I now have a fine room. The Navy moved out today
and I got the room of the paymaster. It faces the plaza and the cathedral. I burned a
candle there today for our soon meeting. The priests all had run away, so I had to hunt up
the candle, and pay the money into the box marked for that purpose, but the Lord does
not run away, and He will see we soon meet.
May 2nd.
Yesterday I went out on the train that brings in refugees and saw the Mexicans. They had
on three thousand cartridges, much hair, hats as high as church steeples, and lots of dirt.
The Selig Moving Picture folks took many pictures of us and several "stills," in which the
war correspondent was shown giving cigarettes to the brigands. Also, I had a wonderful
bath in the ocean off the aviation camp. I borrowed a suit from one of the aviators, and
splashed and swam around for an hour. My! it was good. It reminded me of my dear
Bessie, because the last time I was in the ocean was with her.
Maybe you know what is going on, but we do not. So I just hustle around all day trying to
find news as I did when I was a reporter. It is hot enough here even for me, and I have
lost about eight pounds of that fat I laid in during our North Pole winter!
VFRA CRUZ-May 8, 1914.
Today, when Wilson ordered Huerta not to blockade Tampico which was an insult to
Mediators and the act of a bully and a coward, AND a declaration of war, we all got on
our ponies to "advance." Then came word Huerta would not blockade. It is like living in a
mad house. We all are hoping mediators refuse to continue negotiations. If they have self
respect that is what they will do. Tonight if Wilson and Huerta ran for President, Huerta
would get all our votes. He may be an uneducated Indian, but at least he is a man.
However, that makes no never mind so far as to my getting back. The reason I cannot
return is because I have "credentials." It is not that they want ME here, but they want my
credentials here. The administration is using, as I see it, the privilege of having a
correspondent at the front as a club. It says until war is declared it won't issue any more.
So those syndicates who have no correspondent and the papers forming them, are afraid
to attack or to criticise the administration for fear they will be blacklisted. And those who
have a correspondent with his three thousand dollar signed and sealed pass in his pocket
aren't taking any chance on losing him. So, I see before me an endless existence in Vera