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Over here there is the greatest possible interest in the matter-- At the Clubs I go to, the
waiters all wait on me in order to have the latest developments and when it was cabled
over here that the Customs' people intended stopping him, indignation raged at the
Foreign office.
of love,
89 Jermyn Street, S. W.
This is to be handed to you by my special messenger, who is to assure you that I am in
the best of health and spirits-- Keep him for a few hours and then send him on to
Chicago-- As he is doing this on a bet, do not give him any written instructions only
verbal ones. I am very well and happy and send you all my love-- Jaggers has been
running errands for me ever since I came here, and a most loyal servitor when I was ill--
On his return I want to keep him on as a buttons. See that he gets plenty to eat-- If he
comes back alive he will have broken the messenger boy service record by three thousand
miles. Personally, it does not cost me anything to speak of. The dramatization of the
Soldiers continues briskly, and Maude is sending Grundy back the Jackal, to have a
second go at it. Maude insists on its being done--so I stand to win a lot. RICHARD.
Beefsteak Club, 9, Green Street,
Leicester Square, W. C. Tuesday.
The faithful Jaggers should have arrived to-day, or will do so this evening-- I am sure you
will make the poor little chap comfortable-- I do regret having sent him on such a journey
especially since the papers here made such an infernal row over it-- However, neither of
us will lose by it in the end--
I dined with Lady Clarke last night and met Lord Castleton there and he invited me up to
Dublin for the Punchtown Races-- I have a great mind to go and write a story on them--
Castleton is a great sport and very popular at home and in England and it would be a
pleasant experience. Kuhne Beveridge is doing a bust of me in khaki outfit for the
Academy and also for a private exhibition of her own works, which includes the Prince of
Wales, and the Little Queen of Holland.
Hays Hammond has invited me down to South Africa again, with a promise of making
my fortune, but I am not going as it takes too long. DICK.