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~ Your Bicycle ~
My primary transportation happens to be a bicycle (the
picture on the cover is of my present bicycle) which can
cause some problems in and of itself. Among the things
that can be problems for you are snow, slush, puddles
and rain. A blazing hot summer sun can be an issue also
as the last thing you want to have happen when showing
up to an interview is being extremely sweaty and
breathing really hard because the road to the interview
happens to mostly be uphill. It also takes longer to get
around than it would take in a car, sometimes quite a bit
It is because of my showing up to an interview for an
appointment setter position just after a snowstorm
occurred is why I put fenders on my bicycle very shortly
after. When I got to the interview I was wet up to my
chest and my shoes were covered with slush. As I
remember it took about two days for my shoes to
completely dry out. Oh, I did get the job which I didn't
do very well at as it turns out that I'm really not a very
good appointment setter. My belief is that he hired me
because I really showed I wanted the job by getting
soaked and not rescheduling the meeting.
For me, because of this episode I consider fenders to be
an absolute necessity when using a bicycle as a primary
means of transportation. This is especially true when you
are using your bicycle to get to an interview. You need to
keep your clothes as clean as possible so that you will be
as presentable when you meet an interviewer. More than
once I made sure that I didn't let an interviewer see my