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~ Introduction ~
This book will be a bit different than most of the job
hunting books that are available. It has been written by
someone that doesn't have a drivers license and
understands that it changes a few things when someone
is seeking employment. In 2005 I lost my driving
privileges as a result of being caught driving without
insurance. This has made my job hunts much more
difficult than they would have been otherwise if I had
been able to drive a car. Of course the downturn of the
economy in 2007-2008 didn't help me at all either, it
made it even harder to be successful at finding
employment. When you rely on a bicycle as
transportation it definitely doesn't mean that you can't or
won't be able to find a job, it just means you have to
effectively pre-plan how you are getting to an interview
on time. You'll also have to prepare yourself for how you
will be answering specific questions when they come up
as they invariably do.
At the end of the book I've included a copy of my actual
resume which I will be referring to elsewhere. As you will
be able to see I've had to hunt for a job many times in
the last few years and I've never let it get me down. I've
had to become much more determined and work much
harder than most people to be successful at finding a
job. While this book is mostly directed at someone that
uses a bicycle as a primary form of transportation there
are quite a few tips that will help anyone to become
more effective. My desire is to help as many people as I
possibly can to get the jobs that they want in any job