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How much can I make with AdSense and how do I get started?

You’ve seen the nutty claims by so-called “internet experts” that strategies and programs they have devised enable surfers to earn thousands of dollars within a matter of days! Or minutes!! No such thing.

However, there are several lucrative programs that can provide an extremely generous income with comparatively little effort – Google AdSense is absolutely one of them.

But it takes some time, and it takes some planning, like anything real does. The rest of our report is all about unlocking that potential.

To start understanding the potential, think about how you make money with this program. Each time someone clicks an ad on your pages, you get a percentage of what Google is paid for placing that ad.

Revenue (or Income) from an Ad
Clickthrough value of the ad * Payout Rate * Clickthrough rate of the Ad * Webpage traffic * Frequency of Ad

In the above equation, Clickthrough value is the amount the advertiser pays per click for the Ad (this figure varies); the Payout Rate is the percentage of revenue to be paid for every click fixed by Google (this figure varies); Clickthrough rate is simply the # of times the ad is clicked on in a certain period of time divided by the # of times it is displayed during the same period; Webpage traffic is the # of visitors to your website; and Frequency of Ad is the # of times this particular ad appears on your webpage.
Let’s put some figures into the above equation and see what the income is. The figures below are for a single day:

Clickthrough Value 30 cents or $0.30 (The advertiser pays 30 cents per click for the Ad, to Google)

Payout Rate 50% or 0.5 (This is an assumption based on what many experts believe to be the current payout rate for most deals)

Clickthrough rate of the Ad the ad is displayed 100 times within the day and clicked by 9 people the clickthrough rate would be 0.09

Webpage traffic 150 visitors during the days
Frequency of Ad 100
The Income per day from a single ad would be = 0.30 * 0.5 * 0.09 * 150 * 100
= $202.5

If you consider this to be the average income per day, the total revenue generated within a month would be more than $6000. This is incredible, considering you basically did nothing to earn that money. We know of cases where people have earned even more than $25,000 a month with AdSense, which is a large sum to anyone.

Our goal is to equip you to get started on the road to making money with AdSense.