AdSense Revenue Exposed HTML version

Blocking Ads – you choose
While the ad selection is automatic, you can block unwanted ads – such as those
from your competitors. You just tell Google which companies to block from your
Reviewing and filtering Ads – semi-automatic
Google has its own strict policies for ad content (no profanity, no racial
discrimination, etc). These are filtered out automatically from your point of view.
Additionally, you can choose to block additional content through custom filters.
This is slightly different than blocking an advertiser, since with this method an
advertiser you generally allow may submit ads that would individually be filtered
Allowing the publisher to select an ad
In the rare case where Google’s content engines can’t make a clear match of ads
to pages, they will let you pick which ads you want served. If you don’t pick, you’ll
get public service spots.
The look-and-feel of Ads can be customized
Ads shouldn’t look out of place or be jarring on your website. Google allows you
to customize colors and layout. You can choose options provided or have your
own custom layout and color applied to the ads. The advertisers have no control
over this; as the material appears on your site, you can and should select how it
Tools for analysis
Tracking and analyzing the performance of any marketing campaign is critical.
Google AdSense provides a range of comprehensive online reports that allow
you to monitor and analyze your earnings as well as the performance of ads by
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