AdSense Revenue Exposed HTML version

Before we get into how Google assesses sites, and whether a few or many
placements of that magic script will deliver optimum results, let’s review the
advantages of AdSense.
Advantages of the Google AdSense system
Google AdSense is simple to use and manage. Once approved, displaying ads
on your webpage does not take time and requires minimal technical knowledge.
Google AdSense is very smart about ad selection. The ads that are displayed are
only those that are relevant to your content, and Google has strict quality control
on the general quality of the ads.
Google AdSense uses text-only ads. Far from being low-tech, text ads are more
effective than flashy ads. The clickthrough rate of text ads is proven to be higher
than that of animated ads! More clicks equals more money, and text ads equals
more clicks. Also…text ads are very “low weight” and very fast loading. The
AdSense program will not slow your website, or your visitors, down. You can also
use graphic ads.
Google AdSense programs: Choose your weapon(s)!
Google currently (mid 2005) offers three programs: AdSense for content,
AdSense for search, and Premium AdSense.
AdSense for content
AdSense for content is the main AdSense program – contextually targeted ads
are displayed on your webpage, and you get paid for every click. These ads are
specifically targeted to the content of your webpage. Consequently, if you change
the content of your page, the ads that are displayed would also change. AdSense
allows you good control over what ads get served, since there might be some
obvious problems if it didn’t. These include:
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