AdSense Revenue Exposed HTML version

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In addition to the ‘channel’ program offered by Google to track your AdSense ads
on your web pages, you can also use any of the various high quality external
AdSense tracking software packages to track your performance in greater detail
(except actual revenues – you need to get that from Google). One major
advantage of such software is that it runs locally, which enables you to access
specific information that Google doesn’t track. Be aware that none of these third-
party software solutions are “endorsed” by Google currently but most of them
guarantee to operate within AdSense guidelines. Just make sure they do,
because you don’t want to lose your account status over a technical violation by
a third party.
Some of the information you can obtain by using tracking software:
Referring website of all your visitors
The type of web browser they are using
Where the actual ad-clickers are coming from
Search keywords typed in by the visitors to your website that eventually
brought them to you
You should use a combination of Google channels and a reliable AdSense
tracking program so as to get comprehensive information about your AdSense
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