AdSense Revenue Exposed HTML version

Consider getting a WordTracker account. They have an excellent tool that
suggests top 1,000 most popular keywords. This tool can also help you
create a list of relevant keywords for your webpage. You can learn a lot
from a small investment here.
Another great idea is to search for top 100 keywords on 7search which will
give you an idea of high-paying keywords.
Your clickthrough rate will be boosted tremendously by including the right
keywords in your web copy, of course. Keywords occurring in your ads are
usually highlighted on the search engine results page. This also helps in drawing
additional attention to your ad.
The URL of your webpage is also an integral part of achieving success on
Google AdSense program, as it is on the Web generally. Current wisdom holds
that the keywords in the URL are equally if not more important than the ones
featured in the actual webpage content or in metatags. If you change your
ordinary URL to a keyword rich URL relevant to your market, it is possible to
raise your CTR as much as 200% or more without doing anything else.
Obvious domain names with the keywords that you want might be expensive to
purchase from a broker, but you can also buy used domain names that are no
longer active, often for just a few dollars per year.
Step 4 - Developing Content
Let’s assume you have good ads, good placement, and good traffic.
This step is all about how to tweak your pre-existing content to support the most
effective profitability from your new AdSense program.
One major mistake many web publishers make now is to lard up their pages with
a bazillion keywords for so-called “search engine optimization.” Do not fall into
that trap and clutter your webpage with high-profile buzzwords that do not
contribute to the value of your webpage or the experience of your intended
audience. Remember, we’re focused here on clicks, which means bringing
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