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There are no “magic bullets” or “get rich quick” schemes that work. As an experienced Web marketer or publisher, you already know that.

But there are some ways to make really significant “passive” money on the Internet, and especially with Internet advertising. Of these, one of the best, and most legitimate, is Google AdSense, which you now know all about.

When you’re ready to get started with your AdSense program, the preceding information, combined with the following additional resources, will help you make the most of it!

Further AdSense Resources

Whether you have one website or 100, RSS feeds or no, blogs or no, below is a list of great tools, software, scripts, and other resources that can help you win in your Google AdSense campaign.

Tools and Scripts

These are tools that would help you in a variety of areas such as seeing what ads appear for specific keywords, tracking and analyzing clickthroughs and revenue, scripts and much more.

AdSense Preview tool from Google – Preview your AdSense Ads
AdSense Desktop – Tool for analyzing Google AdSense statistics
AdSenseLog – Another tool for analyzing AdSense stats
AdSenseCharts – Chart generator for your statistics
Revenue Checker for Google AdSense – Checks and monitors revenue
Google AdSense Sandbox Tool – shows what Ads would appear for

specific keywords or content
AdSense Web Tool – similar to the one above
AdSense Tracker – Statistical Analysis and tracking
AdSense Monitor – AdSense tracking script
SysSense - A utility that puts your AdSense information in the Windows

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system tray
AdSense Notifier – places AdSense information in a status bar
AdSense™ Tracker - Another good tracking tool
Google AdSense Tracking Script – Another tracking script
AdSenseMasterFlex 2.0 - Script
asRep: Google AdSense tracking script

AdSense Information Websites and Tutorials - AdSense Forum
Digital Point - AdSense Forum
Google AdSense Charts & Graphs
Google AdSense Preview Tool
Google AdSense Sandbox Tool
How to Boost Your AdSense Revenue
JenSense - Making Sense of Contextual Advertising
Search Engine Forums - Contextual Advertising Forums
Search Engine Watch - AdSense Forum
V7N Web Development Community - Google Forum
Web Pro World - AdSense Forum
Webmaster World - AdSense Forum

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