Action Plan for Nairobi Slums HTML version

The author wishes to express sincere appreciation to Mutoto Mwanamke for long hours of
discussion on African Poverty and slum life. Without this valuable insight of reality this work
could not have been possible. Indeed, the information gained from KENWA International and the
inspirational stories of Asunta Wagura working in the trenches of the Nairobi Slums caring for
HIV/AIDS orphans gave the motivation for this work.
Thanks also goes to the US Ambassador to Kenya in Nairobi for his efforts to clean up corruption
and encourage keeping the humanitarian crisis issue alive, while others ignore the problems.
Famous Authors; Joseph Conrad, Paul Theroux, John le Carre and Blaine Harden also assisted
with excellent background to launch this project through their works.
The World Trade Organization, Davos 2007, World Bank, World Food Program and the United
Nations also served as in valuable sources for data and fact finding, particularly the UN Human
Settlement Programme (UN Habitat) Study. The number of research reports, Blogs, online videos,
newspaper articles used to compile this eBook are all most too numerous to mention, yet they were
very much appreciated.
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