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Act Of Giving
(by Wade Welch)
If we study history, we will understand that humanity has a maintain an
existence that mirrors what our souls are in Heaven. When we die, our souls are
individuals. We then try to stay on the path of light and go far enough that we
again combine with other enlightened souls and form a singular entity...ready to
reincarnate for our purpose...God's Will. In Heaven, we are united as one, and our
goal here is to also be united.
Reincarnation currently involves the transportation of a soul from Hell into the
material plane. Hell is the darkness surrounding the path of light souls travel
toward Heaven, and beyond. Our current goal for the future may involve the
gathering of enlightened souls, who made it to Heaven, so that we can incarnate
into the material plane with a majority of these enlightened souls, and leave those
egoic souls in Hell.
This would require the separation of a soul from the singular entity, and it would
enter the world without the consciousness of the entity. As a child, the newly
incarnated enlightened soul would again achieve enlightenment through the
sharing of knowledge from parents or elders. This would be an Act of Giving.
Today, all we can do is try to share knowledge in order to make a difference,
because we are dominated by egoic souls from Hell.
What does a person do if they want to make a difference? The answer to that
question is a relative all depends on the circumstances. If a lifetime leads
up to the moment when circumstances present themselves, and there seems to
be a chance to do something, does a person know it? It seems difficult to
understand such a moment, because I don't think it can be imagined. I think that
moment has to present itself, with an impact.
In the past, such an event might present itself almost any day. Life had a slower
pace, and people had relationships based on actions...sharing, teamwork, and
planning. It was necessary to build the future. There was legitimate opportunity
since there was a need for the basics of life.
Today, it would seem that things are different...and of course they are. We no
longer work toward our live for the whole. We see ourselves as
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