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Academic Success for All:
Three Secrets to Academic Success
The first time I went to college, I dropped out after one semester. Convinced I
both wanted and needed a college degree, I tried again. And again. And again. For
me, it took five attempts at college before I eventually earned my first degree.
I have written this book for anyone who is concerned that something similar or
even worse might happen to you. Having earned four academic degrees and spent
15 years teaching in colleges and universities across the United States, I have
come to an understanding of education that is not widely shared with the general
public. I have written this book to share that understanding with you.
In Chapter One, I explain three truths about academic success that you need to
know if you want to succeed in school. Your struggles to succeed academically
may simply be due to a misunderstanding of these three simple truths about
learning and succeeding in an academic setting.
To help you understand whether your mindset is conducive to academic success,
Chapter Two of this book contains three easy to administer tests. Completing
these three tests will help you to determine if you have the right mentality for
academic success. Once you have completed these three simple tests, you will