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Table of Contents


Introduction      1

About the Author      4



Chapter One: Three Secrets to Academic Success      6

Secret #1—Learning is not a passive activity      8

Secret #2—Learning is creative      13

Secret #3—Learning takes time      17



Chapter Two: Testing Your Readiness to Succeed Academically      21

Test #1 – Assess your receptivity to learning      24

Test #2 – Assess your access to your creativity      27

Test #3 – Assess how you use your time      30



Chapter Three: Using Energy Psychology to Remove Blocks to Your Academic Success      33

Using EFT      38

Tapping script for clearing a difficult emotion      41

Tapping script for clearing a troubling memory      44

Tapping script for clearing a self-limiting belief      47

Tapping script for addressing a self-sabotaging behavior      49



Chapter Four: Moving Forward with EFT      51


Sample Weekly Planner      57


EFT Tapping Points      58