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Abundant Thinking
The Alternatives to Abundant Thinking
Deficit Motivation/Entitlement Thinking
Deficit motivation is the opposite of abundance motivation. It is also
known as entitlement thinking. This is how victims are made.
Entitlement thinking has already been discussed to a certain extent. It is
that awful feeling that says you have been cheated out of your just
desserts, your rightful inheritance. It is how people think when they set
specific expectations for themselves that are based on their belief that
they deserve more. Entitlement thinking can create the narrow miss that
causes a little grimace, or a headlong plunge into an empty chasm. The
latter happens when delusion is largely responsible for a person’s
expectations. Think the tone-deaf crowd in the first round of “American
This sort of thinking takes many forms. It may make you think you
deserve more money, a better job, more praise, a more attractive body,
better opportunities, skills, friends, partners etc. It covers the whole
gamut of disillusionments that can cause our lives to be so miserable,
and our emotions to be so fraught and charged with anger and
These emotions are caused by the belief that you have received less than
you expected or less than you deserve. It is setting too-high minimum
expectations. This is down to often arbitrary personal assessments that
have no basis in reality, and that have been bolstered over the years by
well-meaning but ill-advised encouragement from others. Think the
relatives of the tone-deaf crowd in the first round of “American Idol”.
On the other hand, entitlement thinking may be based on a sound
assessment of a person’s skills and abilities, which makes missing the
mark even more annoying. Either way, however, the stumbling block is
the same: expectations. These are what cause the unhappiness.
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