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Abundant Thinking
world doesn’t owe you anything, but its abundance is capable of giving
you anything.
11. Stop feeling cheated, and like a victim. Take control and take
responsibility for your own happiness.
12. Know that your past does not equal your future, and your current
unfavorable situation does not have to last if you choose to make it
better. You are not your condition.
13. Accept that you will make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up when
you do; regard that mistake as a moment on your learning curve that will
help take you to new heights. Learn from it and move on. Don’t dwell.
Some of our hardest knocks teach us our most important lessons in life.
14. Think of a physical reminder that will help you keep your thoughts
on track. Every time you feel you are drifting back to thoughts of
scarcity, perform your little physical action to realign yourself with
abundance. You could click your fingers, snap a rubber band on your
wrist, or simply join your thumb to your forefinger as people do in
15. Develop a mantra that you repeat every morning and evening out
loud, and in your head whenever you need a boost. You could try:
“Abundance is mine right now and always.” Remember that whatever
you say, keep it in the present tense. Saying that “Abundance will be
mine” causes the brain to keep abundance in the future.
As a starter exercise, think of one situation in your life that you believe
should have turned out better because your expectations were so
formulated. Try and find a way to see the positives in it, how you may
have learned from your “failure” to meet your expectations, and then let
go of those expectations. Rephrase your expectations into a request for
abundance. This is one piece of deficit thinking that is now abundant
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