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Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body
3.2 Don’t be Afraid of Dietary Fat! Even Some Saturated Fats are
Healthy for You
I’ll preface this section by saying that it will help if you have an open mind and
accept that some of these facts are a slap in the face to politically correct nutrition
in this day and age where fats are admonished by many well intentioned, but
mislead health professionals, doctors, the mass media, etc.
To start, eating an adequate supply of healthy dietary fats is vitally important to
your overall health. Fats are one of the main components in all of the cell
membranes throughout your entire body. If you eat enough healthy natural fats,
your cellular processes will proceed normally. On the other hand, if you eat man-
made, heavily processed, chemically altered fats (damaged fats) that are found in
most processed foods, your cellular function will be impaired as these damaged
fats become part of your cell membranes, the body will have to work harder to
operate correctly, and degenerative diseases can develop. In addition, healthy
dietary fats are essential for optimal hormone production and balance within the
body and are therefore essential for the muscle building and fat burning processes.
Did you know that eating a diet that is too low in fat will reduce your testosterone
levels? You know what the results of that are: less muscle and more fat on your
frame. Females, don’t be afraid…your testosterone is not going to go through the
roof by eating more fat. It helps to keep everything in balance for both men and
women, as long as you eat the right fats (more on the right fats in a minute). Other
important functions that dietary fats play in a healthy body are aiding vitamin and
mineral utilization, enzyme regulation, energy, etc.
I cringe every time I hear so called "health experts" recommend restriction of
dietary fat, claiming that a low-fat diet is the key to good health, weight loss, and
prevention of degenerative diseases. Restriction of any one macronutrient
(protein, carbs, or fat) in your diet works against what your body needs and can
only lead to problems. All three basic macronutrients serve important functions for
a lean, healthy, and disease-free body. As Dr. Mary Enig, Ph.D, and one of the