Above the Darkness HTML version

completing my life’s mission! I wanted to get my own wisdom and the wisdom that has
been passed down to me out there to children and anyone who might need it as they pass
through, and cope with the tribulations of everyday life.
Taking the basics of what inspires me from day to da y - nature, animals, humor,
love and peace - I was able to construct a story that encompasses all of these things and
create a narrator who wasn’t nearly as fortunate as I had been to best illustrate what can
be accomplished with these blessings.
Above the Darkness is the story of an unlikely heroine who just tries to survive
from day to day in the midst of an abusive home. The main character, Elizabeth, takes
advantage of the small opportunities she is provided with and is not afraid of taking risks
for the benefit of her growth and health. Although many supernatural elements occur in
this novel, Elizabeth still has to deal with reality and somehow make her way through it.
Sometimes, her travels seem like an escape from her reality, but at other times t hey can
be perceived as an unjust punishment. Through confusion and heartache she is able to
find moments of peace. As the reader you get to experience the whirlwind of mysteries
uncovered directly from Elizabeth’s eyes by taking every step of her journey with her.
Even in a regular human life, there are different developmental stages that need to
be overcome in order for one to successfully move to the next level. In Above the
Darkness Elizabeth also needs to transcend certain levels in order to learn what she needs
to do so she can reach her greatest potential. Her patience is tested, and yours will be too,
as you make your way to the next level. Sometimes we want to be 10 steps ahead of
where we are in the moment but it is so important to appreciate whic h step you are at now
and take the time to learn everything you can from that place. You will be better prepared
for the next steps to come and you will also be able to accomplish everything your heart
My hope and dream is that anyone who reads this novel will get at least one thing
out of it - whether that be joy, appreciation, connection, hope or even a life lesson. I am
not asking you as the reader to take notes and wrack your brain to find the hidden lesson
in every sentence but I do ask one thing and one thing only and that is that you open your
heart to what you need to hear, learn and take away from this journey.
With much love,
Sarah Morrissette