ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds HTML version

Here’s what readers are saying about Alice Hickey:
Few books allow us to really feel what encounters with the psychic world are
like. Castaneda comes to mind, of course, and that is his enduring gift to us. Here
is a book that has that same power, but it is not set in the austere Sonora desert,
but the nutty, everyday world of poet Justin Spring who brings us smack into his
humpty-dumpty world of supermarkets, intuitives, treasure hunters, bars, poets,
preachers, Starbucks, pawnshops, drunks and dopers as he travels between
Florida, Sedona, California, Mexico, Panama, and the Florida Keys trying to
make sense of a series of psychic events triggered by a mysterious encounter with
psychic Alice Hickey. This is a book you won’t want to put down. It is visionary
in its scope and devilish in its pace.”
Scylla Liscombe
Poet, Dancer, Artist, Mystic
“This is a book that masterfully crisscrosses reality and fantasy until they blur into
each other completely. I would say the same for the writer and for most of the
characters portrayed, including myself. Maybe especially myself. It is a book that
shuttles back and forth from head to heart, never missing a beat. Welcome to the
world of the mystical. It is no more or less crazy and funny and engaging than the
world we call real life.”
Joan Adley
Performance Artist, Author, Intuitive