AIM Magazine May 2013 HTML version

There are times when I am often at a loss. I know for those of you that
personally know me I sometimes have an air of someone that has all sorts
of things figured out, but trust me, even I have those moments where I do
not know which way to go, what to say, how to get unstuck and to get back
to where everything or at least some things are moving in the right direction
This issue of AIM Magazine had me and my fellow editors stuck. The people
we were hoping to feature got stuck and were unable to get us what we
needed to get you the inspiration you need in order to keep moving and we
were at a loss on what to do. When I am in the midst of those moments, I
find solitude and silence so that the divine or providence may work to un-knot
those tangles that keep me from moving forward.
It is providence that we have to thank for bringing us together with BEL –a
group of lovely, talented, inspiring ladies from Haiti. They came to us right
when we needed them and I feel that our encounter and their appearance
on the cover of this issue would not have happened at such an opportune
time for them and for us were it not for the divine.
AIM Magazine is proof that providence is at work in each and every issue
and it has brought us to all those that we feature and our dear contributors.
Keep dreaming, believing and aiming high and providence will show its hand.
“Providence has its appointed hour for everything. We cannot command
results, we can only strive.”~Mahatma Gandhi~
Peace and Bangles!