AIM Magazine June 2013 HTML version

“If there is an Afro-Futurism, it must be sought in
unlikely places, constellated from far-lung points.”
Mark Dery-
“Black people…live the estrangement that science
iction writers imagine.” – Greg Tate-
Afrofuturism is an exercise in connecting the dots. One image,
invention, poem or book does not paint a clear picture or define
the concept. It is like spotting something off the corner of your eye
and when you look at it straight it changes on you. It requires one
to look at all the different fragments and then go deeper still to get
it. Afrofuturism as a concept comes across as fluid and is barely
understood before it morphs into a vision that would be understood
differently by different individuals depending on personality,
comprehension ability, time and place. I could go on....
Why then do we want to take a snapshot of it? For clarity? In Kenya
we are celebrating 50 years of independence. The African Union is
also celebrating 50 years since Africa freed itself, but this feels off.
We know our people have been around since earth was formed,
others say before it was formed. Right now we are pleased, very
pleased with ourselves for all the progress, the development, our
urban cities, our mobile technology, our advances in healthcare,
education….but something still feels off.
It feels off because we do not have the complete picture; we do not
have the complete story. We have bits and pieces of our history
and we barely understand where we are going with all these
advances…where does it all lead?
Afrofuturism tries to explain what we are doing, what our astrology,
art, music, science, is leading to. Sure, these are fulfilling pursuits
when explored individually, but there should be more, right?
But then again we can’t all agree on the past, the present, or
the future. Regardless of Afrofuturism’s ambiguity we can try
to define, capture or understand it as it is and that is why as
#africansinmotion must at least try. Whether we fail or succeed we
must at least try.
Follow us into the rabbit hole……