A to Z about RSS HTML version

Chapter 1
Let us roll the RSS ball
Well, are you a net savvy who may fit into one of the following categories?
You are usually in hurry and looking for something specific without
wanting to waste your valuable time.
You think staring at computer screens hours together can be tiring for the
eyes. So prefer scanning text instead of reading word for word.
You frequently end up on some webpage (not through the homepage) and
do not know how it fits into the rest of the website!
You are a person expecting the information on the web to be up-to-date.
You like to have privacy on the information you are interested in and
control over the numerous unwanted information popping and earning
your irritation.
You welcome with great interest the latest methodologies, if that cannot
only save your precious time but also prove to be a powerful, versatile
method to keep you well updated faster than the conventional methods.
Are you an organization/marketer/publisher who has opted for Internet marketing
strategies, having created your website and has been on the constant run to win
more visitors to your site? Glance through the following points of which at least
some have caught your attention at one time or the other in your path of
Presence of millions of web pages gives you the challenging job of
hooking the visitors who may very easily move on to somebody else’s