A to Z about RSS HTML version

A good RSS radar should be able to capture and display the most highly relevant
content on a very specific topic. For example, a website covering the topic of
RSS might provide focused RSS radars for the following topics:
Branded RSS readers
RSS metrics and statistics
Creating RSS feeds
Power of RSS in marketing
And so on
Each RSS radar focuses on the sub-topic of RSS providing information relevant
to that alone. Using RSS radars will not only be a valuable content source, but
will also increase your search engine rankings for that particular phrase.
Advertising through RSS
Though a small number of advertising networks are already offering RSS
advertising to advertisers due to the fact that many are unaware of the potentials
of RSS, it is yet to gear up in this field. Since it is a new advertising channel,
advertisers who go in early will achieve low prices and high success rates. They
can achieve as good results as Google Adwords or Google Adsense can. But not
many know this and so the RSS advertising prices are still very low. Currently
RSS providers are Feester, Pheedo, and Kanoodle to name a few with many
others slowly entering the market as well.