A to Z about RSS HTML version

Thus RSS reader can act as a one-stop interaction point between the user and
the company. It is needless to say that RSS readers help to achieve a concrete
relationship and sales oriented interactivity between them.
Enhance your web presence
The topics covered so far throws light on the different features marketers and
publishers can utilize, via RSS tool, for publishing their own content. However,
RSS can also be used to enhance your own website and enable you to provide
more relevant content to your visitors.
You can display contents from RSS feeds of other publishers on your website.
This will help you to provide more content source to your visitors. Whenever the
users are in need of the specific content that you provide access to, they visit
your website also and this results in more loyal visitors and build relationship with
the customers. It can end up in valuable business opportunities too! End of the
day you succeed in bringing more hits to your website enhancing the positive
side of sales.
There are some websites which are in need of a tool to keep their visitors coming
back but do not have the resources to produce their own content. This content
“creation” strategy helps them to achieve that. By providing relevant selections of
content from other websites, they can maintain a regular traffic.
RSS Radars
RSS radars are about displaying syndicated content from other publishers on
your website in a very refined, high-focused manner. The content sources from
multiple websites are combined and filtered and created to form a single content
source with only the most relevant content from a very specific topic.