A to Z about RSS HTML version

constantly in front of your customer, and also a one-touch interaction tool
between the customer and your company.
Branded RSS Readers in Real-life
There are notable branded RSS readers like Quikonnex Desk view, Customer
Reader, which are made available to their RSS publishers to distribute to their
own visitors. Each publisher can brand the reader by including their RSS feed in
it from the start and changing the initial copy of what end-users see when they
launch the reader.
The interesting features include branded interface skins, forced RSS feeds,
personalized contact and other key information and a special notifications area to
bring your content closer to the end-user.
We are sure to see more and more advanced marketing opportunities integrated
directly in to the RSS reader.
Developing your own RSS reader
It is good to have your own branded RSS aggregator to give the customers and
visitors thereby increasing the potential. With many RSS reader developers
available in the market it is not difficult or expensive. Even small companies with
midget budgets can go for choosing their own RSS reader.
Keeping in mind the following features, one may design his own RSS reader.
If the company offers RSS feed customization to cater to the subscribers’
needs then the RSS feed customization module is essential.
A visually branded software interface.