A to Z about RSS HTML version

More exposure to your site and thereby your products. Only when you are
sure of the fact that there has been an increased number of visitors to
your site can there be hopes of new buyers.
When someone syndicates your content they are actually giving you an
endorsement, increasing your credibility and your perceived brand-value.
Depending on the number of visitors and the response, planning for the
next move of your business is made easier.
3 Branded RSS Aggregators
You are opened to so many advanced RSS marketing tactics which are for the
most part still unknown to the majority of the marketers. One such tactic is
marketing with branded RSS readers. For example, when NewsGator announced
the launch of their Newsgator Media Platform to give media companies a
branded RSS reader they can promote to their visitors and at the same time
increase their brand exposure and achieve a more personal contact with readers.
There are both free as well as fee-based aggregators available in the market.
Larger players prefer to step in to this market, since using RSS readers not only
provides not only a unique way to reach out to consumers but also connect them
in a personal way. At the same time, your purpose of marketing is also served.
Let us consider that you are marketing through e-mails to your customers and
prospects interacting everyday and using it as part of their lives and daily
activities. You will definitely find a hard-to-believe difference when you use
branded RSS aggregator. It can be a daily used tool, keeping your brand