A to Z about RSS HTML version

Improve your Search Engine Rankings
RSS has been documented to bring a great impact on the traditional search
engine rankings. Even sites supposedly with low traffic are pushed to first-page
sites positions for their key search engine keywords and phrases after switching
over to RSS feeds. This is due to the fact that RSS feeds increases the number
of inbound links to the site, the specific RSS feed format, and tight RSS feed
focus and RSS-specific search engine strategies. These provide the search
engines with strong and focused content streams from publisher’s website. RSS
publishers get more attention by search engines and directories since RSS
contents are still scarce.
We can now see an example to make things clear and feel how much it is easier
in RSS. We take the example of Yahoo! To get listed it used to take more than a
month but now can now do so in about just 24 hours using the following three
simple steps:
1. Start your own My Yahoo page.
Just go to https://my.yahoo.com and sign in. If you don’t have a yahoo Id, sign
2. Add the ‘Add to My Yahoo’ button to your site.
For this, go to https://my.yahoo.com/s/button.html. and get the HTML code for
the button.
3. Click on that button and confirm.
That is all. You have just announced your feed to Yahoo!