A to Z about RSS HTML version

Chapter 6
Marrying the new without divorcing the old
Honing your existing content delivery efforts
RSS is not only about discovering the new, but also about improving the old.
RSS technology can be used as a supplementary content delivery channel to the
existing e-zine and other content delivery efforts. This will enhance the power of
the old content channels thereby expanding business prospects. People who are
hesitant to give out their e-mail addresses to Internet publishers and who refuse
to sign-up due to endless junk mails will surely prefer an anonymous RSS feed.
  Allow your subscribers two options – either via e-mail or RSS
  Reply the subscribers through RSS option as well, instead of depending
only on e-mail auto responders
  Use RSS feed to announce the availability of your product in addition to
your e-mail options
  Provide RSS feeds to certain e-zine sections like news section to update
your subscribers as and when news hits the desk.
RSS in Direct Marketing
RSS can have an astounding performance in the field of direct marketing. It can
outshine the e-mail marketing if understood properly by the marketers.
Scheduled and Auto responder messages