A to Z about RSS HTML version

RSS for personalized/customized database listings:
Similar to the product updates even personalized or customized database listings
are possible using RSS. Any kind of complex information can be extracted
depending on the requirements of your visitor.
For example,
  Job listings
  Real estate etc
When they are given access to their own personalized RSS feed they can get the
content delivered to them directly if it is what they are looking for. The content
delivery prospects and business development models seen on the horizon
geared by RSS are seemingly endless.
When already with Internet the globe has shrunken to a larger extent, the
launching of RSS can contribute to the shrinkage even further!! Can you believe?
The day is not far when you can keep track of your packages delivered by
FedEx,UPS etc through RSS feeds. How about receiving an SMS on your mobile
notifying that a new job matching your criteria is available or an alert reminding
you about the last date to return your library material?
Sounds great, is it not? This is not all. There are ample business opportunities
made possible with RSS. And each of them in a way improves lives of end-users
making it a bed of roses!