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How to Record Your Content
All you need is a microphone and audio recording software to make your
presence felt in the pod casting world. Microphones are available right from $5
and you can buy one according to your requirements. A free audio editing
software, audacity can be used for your editing needs.
Launching Your Audio Files – Hosting
When you are ready to make your presence felt with your sound, you need to
upload or export your pod cast so that others can download it. You can use a lot
of services for hosting your pod cast. Our media is such a service, which is free.
There you are……………………..
Your pod cast can be published with the help of a service like feed burner. Mind
you, you are in the big league now, among those rare breed, who are ready to
explore with the latest in technology. After all, you are only gaining for the
simplest of the reason that you are doing every thing absolutely free, if not a very
negligible investment. Remember, success is not something that knocks on your
door to embrace you. On the other hand, it’s you who has to crave for it.
“There are two types of people - those who come into a room and say, “Well,
here I am!” and those who come in and say, “Ah, there you are.”
- Frederick L. Collins