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Pod casting
By the term Pod casting, we mean delivery of audio contents by Internet. The
word “pod casting” is an amalgam of the word broadcasting and the name of the
popular MP3 player from Apple Computer called the “iPod”. It is not necessary
that an iPod is required to pod cast. In fact, pod casts can be used with a variety
of digital audio formats and play on almost any MP3 player or portable digital
audio device - as well as any brand of desktop computer or laptop.
Definition: Pod casting is the process of capturing an audio event, song,
speech, or mix of sounds and then posting that digital sound object to a Web site
or “blog” in an RSS feed. Once the contents are posted, users can subscribe to a
web page containing these RSS feeds and download them directly into an audio
management program like Windows Media Player, Music Match etc. For this,
they can use specialized newsreaders like iPodder or iPodderX.
After having synchronized their portable audio device with their personal
computer, the user can listen to the audio contents whenever he wishes since
the pod casts are automatically transferred to that device.
Pod casting may look similar to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) but the aspect in
which it differs is that the recorded content is delivered in it’s final format to a
portable device that is independent of the recording.
After having created the audio contents using audio capture tools and audio
editing tools, the file is transferred to the website by different methods like
FTP/HTTP etc. Then the content is prepared in a specific structured format via
XML tags to form the RSS feeds, which can be downloaded using RSS
newsreaders such as iPodder or iPodderX.