A to Z about RSS HTML version

Chapter 5
The technologies that crowns RSS
Pod casting and video casting:
Until recently, the Internet was predominantly a textual channel without much
interesting facts to desire for it more! Adding audio and video to the mix,
delivering both via RSS, goes beyond the basic capabilities provided by the
traditional Internet content delivery channels. Rich media personalizes the
Internet experience and gives your company a distinguishable face. At the same
time, it provides you with a media platform to make your message very easy to
understand, see and feel.
Just imagine the following things:
  Delivering press releases in audio or video.
  Presenting video demonstrations of your products.
  Doing audio interviews to expand your reach and provide more content to
your visitors.
  Delivering video and audio contents to demonstrate how your customers
and readers can easily resolve various issues that you are helping them
  Instead of using impersonal e-mails seeking the help of audio and video to
deliver important messages to your readers, customers, business partners
or employees makes the contents more interesting for the users.